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Some scientists regard near death experiences as a hallucination of the brain. The concept of your consciousness surviving after your brain and body is long gone, sounds pretty bizarre in a scientific perspective.

But meet Pam Reynolds. She had to get surgery for an aneurysm in her brain stem. 

It was a daring operation since it was such a large aneurysm. They chilled her body and drained the blood from her brain. 

When the operation began, the surgeons taped shut Reynolds’ eyes and put molded speakers in her ears.

Regardless, if somehow magically a secret hidden part of her brain was still active, she shouldn’t have been able to see or hear anything.

But yet what she reported back was amazing and very precise. 


She says she found herself looking down at the operating table. She says she could see 20 people around the table and hear what sounded like a dentist’s drill. She looked at the instrument in the surgeon’s hand.

"It was an odd-looking thing," she says. "It looked like the handle on my electric toothbrush."

Reynolds observed the Midas Rex bone saw the surgeons used to cut open her head, the drill bits, and the case, which looked like the one where her father kept his socket wrenches. Then she noticed a surgeon at her left groin.

"I heard a female voice say, ‘Her arteries are too small.’ And Dr. Spetzler — I think it was him — said, ‘Use the other side,’ " Reynolds says.

Soon after, the surgeons began to lower her body temperature to 60 degrees. It was about that time that Reynolds believes she noticed a tunnel and bright light. She eventually flat-lined completely, and the surgeons drained the blood out of her head.

During her near-death experience, she says she chatted with her dead grandmother and uncle, who escorted her back to the operating room. She says as they looked down on her body, she could hear the Eagles’ song “Hotel California” playing in the operating room as the doctors restarted her heart. She says her body looked like a train wreck, and she said she didn’t want to return.

"My uncle pushed me," she says, laughing. "And when I hit the body, the line in the song was, ‘You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.’


Afterwards, Reynolds assumed she had been hallucinating. But a year later, she mentioned the details to her neurosurgeon. Robert Spetzler says her account matched his memory.

"From a scientific perspective," he says, "I have absolutely no explanation about how it could have happened."

Spetzler did not check out all the details, but Michael Sabom did. Sabom is a cardiologist in Atlanta who was researching near-death experiences.

According to the records, there were 20 doctors in the room. There was a conversation about the veins in her left leg. She was defibrillated. They were playing “Hotel California.” How about that bone saw? Sabom got a photo from the manufacturer — and it does look like an electric toothbrush.

How, Sabom wonders, could she know these things?


Pam Reynold’s case is a special one. It’s a report of veridical NDE, where someone reported information they shouldn’t have been able to obtain. Clearly it was NOT a result of a hallucination. 

But if you are still skeptical. I advise you to read Raymond’s Moody Life After Life

He documents many cases similar to Pam Reynold’s. Her case is interesting but not unique. There are several others like it. 



This is the most important thing I’ve found on Tumblr.

You know the text post that says “It frustrates me that only dead people know what it’s like to be dead.”

Well near death experiences kinda bring a little glimmer of hope that it’s gonna be okay. 

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The Importance of Sentence Structure


Spending time on the mechanics of sentence structure can make a huge difference in your writing. Sentence structure is important, and as much as I don’t like writing blog posts on grammar, this is something all writers should know. Learning how to vary sentence structure is a great skill to have…



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